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My Medical Experience

Hey everyone,
Thank you for the support you provide to this community. I have found this board to be extremely helpful and informative these past few stressful weeks. This is my first post to livejournal so please forgive me... my descriptions might be somewhat graphic but I don't know how to categorize the post or make a separate link... so please read the following at your own discretion:
On Wednesday, I went for a medical procedure to terminate an early pregnancy (4 weeks/6 weeks LMP.) I was given Mifeprex at 12 noon. I was told by the female physician's assistant that I could wait until Friday night to insert the 4 misoprostol pills vaginally. I was kind of bummed to be going through the process during Christmas but the holiday actually served as somewhat of a distraction from the situation. Wednesday night after taking the mifeprex, I felt somewhat weak and tired and before bed I was feeling a bit dizzy with waves of nausea and hot/cold flashes. Thursday, when I woke up, most of my nausea was gone, but I was still feeling "off" and as I saw someone else describe quite accurately, "sluggish." I could definitely tell a difference in my body from the mifeprex. Thursday night at around 11:30 pm, my nausea was back and took a turn for the worse and I vomited the days contents of food and drink. That was a relief and I felt better after that. By Friday, Christmas day, I was pretty tired. I woke up really early to go over to my brother's house and help them with Santa stuff for my little nephews. Nausea was still coming in waves and I was afraid to really fill my belly with food in fear of a repeat of the night before. My body was telling me to take it easy and slow down so I tried to take breaks lying down on the couch as much as I could despite all the Christmas excitement and chaos. I had started to bleed slightly - a light brownish tinged discharge evident on the toilet paper. My pelvic area also felt full and slightly crampy. When I got home late, I was nervous about inserting the misoprostol but I did at about 12:45 am. I was prepared for the worst. I took 1 1/2 vicodin and sat at my computer for about a half hour before settling into bed. It wasn't until about 2 hours later that I started to feel slight cramping. I hadn't fallen asleep yet and although exhausted, a part of me was afraid to sleep in anticipation of pain. I waited for the cramps to increase their intensity, but I really don't recall feeling any type of significant pain, only very slight cramping and pressure and a sensation of "opening." I was able to fall asleep peacefully and I didn't wake up until 7:25 am this morning and ran to the bathroom. I had bled, but not very much. I was confused because I wasn't in pain either. I really expected the night to be hell and it wasn't. Today has been pretty low-key as well. My bleeding has not been clotty and it's about the same amount that I get (maybe actually less) than my monthly periods, which are usually moderately heavy. A part of me is nervous that I'm not bleeding out enough. It's now 11pm and I just took another vicodin because my cramps have kicked in a bit. It's almost 24 hours now since inserting the misoprostol. I just am in shock that the experience so far has been no where near as intense as I dreamed. I hope that everything is going the way that it should be. Does mine seem like a "normal" experience? Any advice/support/feedback is appreciated!
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