escape_art7st (escape_art7st) wrote in abortioninfo,

So...I've been lurking for a bit.
I found out I was pregnant several weeks ago (about 6 weeks along)
and I terminated at home using the pill last week.
It was...rough, to say the least
I ended up suffering all the side effects at once and to quite a degree
I was pretty much alone all week and still feel that way even though my boyfriend is supposedly supporting me
I'm having a tough time emotionally
I'm angry that I got myself into this situation, even if by accident
and I'm sad, angry, guilty that I had to come to this
I guess I'm just wondering if other people struggled afterward
For how long? Did anything help you?
I feel like I made the right decision, but it doesn't change the feelings of guilt
and admittedly sadness too
Pieces of me keep daydreaming about a child and that bond that I have to give up.

Also-- did anyone encounter protesters at their doctors visits?
There were two outside the office when I received an ultrasound and the first pills
I didn't think it would bother me, just flip 'em off and forget it
But it's been bothering me ever since
They aren't allowed to talk to or harass patients, but they certainly made sure to watch me the whole time
From the moment the door opened, down the steps, across the lawn, as I drove away
What do they think? Do they honestly believe women stroll into that office nonchalantly?
As if they don't feel anything?
I know I didn't. I struggled, and still am, with that decision
It's life-changing no matter which direction you choose
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