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pony girl

In Support of Abortion Access.

While this post may not be with the 'true spirit' of the community, I hope members will still deem it as acceptable.

I'm an abortion activist.
In October of 2011 I helped found Prince Edward Island Reproductive Rights Organization. Due to my work within my community, Charlottetown - PEI, the only Canadian province that does not provide abortion access, I was nominated by the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation for the Active8 Campaign. The focus of the Campaign is to put the focus on the work of youth (ages 16-30) who dedicate their time working towards movements that are aligned with acts of social justice and eco-sustainability. Two ambassadors are selected from each Canadian Maritime Province. Putting the number to eight in total.

Tomorrow marks the last day of the Active8 Campaign. Each ambassador must collect pledges in support of their cause. Pledges are not monetary. They need only be an act of change; a personal movement that you can take to ensure a better world. To support your pledge, please go to tiny.cc/pledgekandace . Recently, the pro-life movement has tried to sabotage my campaign by sending around a letter to their national sects, asking all members to pledge against me. The letter in question was leaked and received a bit of media attention. A feature was done in Jezebel last week, for example. The intent of the letter in question backfired, as I am sitting at nearly 1500 pledges in support of abortion and female empowerment. It was a truly disgusting move, and under minded the work of dedicated youth fighting for a better tomorrow.

While each of my/PRRO’s fellow ambassadors do admirable work, which we wholeheartedly support, it would send a very strong message to PEI's provincial government to have an abortion activist 'win' the campaign. Please spread the word, and pledge if you have not yet been able to do so! If you’re unsure of how a pledge should ‘look’ please view the words of those who have already pledged below the video or go to ‘Actions For You’ at the top of the webpage.

I'm glad I found this community, and look forward to contributing further in the future.

In access & solidarity,
Tags: abortion activism and news, abortion in canada, abortion safety, intro post
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