Rachel (leaveittoweaver) wrote in abortioninfo,

My Medical Abortion so far.

Two weeks ago I found out I was pregnant, six weeks at the time. My partner and I thought about it a lot and came to the decision that abortion was what was right for us. My partner lost his job a few months ago and we struggle to make ends meet. I'm 21, he's 28, he hasn't quite finished college and I haven't even started. We simply have so much to do with our lives and I don't have the time or financial ability to bring a happy life to a kid at this point.

Today I went for the medical abortion. I chose medical because it was two hundred dollars cheaper than the surgery and I have no money. Luckily Planned Parenthood cut down the cost to 200.00 for me because of my circumstances. I live in New York but I do not qualify for Medicaid's full coverage. Medicaid will only cover my pre-exam and post exam. Not sure how that works considering our total income is 280.00 a week. But hey whatever, my partner borrowed the 200.00 from a friend of his so we could do the procedure. 

There were two people outside the clinic, man and a woman with little signs. I didn't pay attention to them and they didn't pay attention to me or bother me. My boyfriend came with me so that was helpful.

We didn't have to wait too long in the waiting room until they called my name. They don't let anyone go in with you though for the appointment. 

First I talked to the counselor, this is my second time talking to her. I didn't care much for her. I know it's just her job, but I just felt no empathy from her and I guess I'm just overly sensitive and feel like I need that. She just went over my patient rights and some paperwork. I signed it all and she brought me to the waiting room where all the girls that were there for their surgical abortions were. 

I waited for two hours almost, watching some really crappy Soap Opera that was on. Finally they called me in. The nurse brought me through and the Technician did a trans vaginal ultra sound. It was quick and painless(I've had two of these that were very painful in the past due to an ovarian cyst I have, so I get really tense during them). She said I was eight weeks. She asked me why I chose the medical instead of surgical and I told her how I was unable to afford the surgery even though I really would have preferred the surgery. She got really angry and went on a tangent about our shitty healthcare system and how these things should be covered and she really wished she could go ahead and let me have the surgery anyways, she said most people have the surgery. It kind of made me feel better to see someone so passionate that cared about my reproductive rights. As a side note, I do have insurance under my parents that I could not use because it's through my mom's job, at a Catholic hospital. So they won't cover abortion unless it's "medically necessary" so the insurance company told me. 

The nurse left and the doctor came in. I took the first pill and he proscribed me Zofran for nausea and Tylenol with codeine for pain. Gave me doxy for an antibiotic to prevent infection and sent me home with the Misoprostol as well. 

Tomorrow I take the Misoprostol at 3pm. The tech said this experience would probably be more uncomfortable for me since I'm almost at the limit of nine weeks. I'm just really scared that this is going to be awfully painful. I had gall bladder surgery a month ago so I'm hoping this is less uncomfortable than that at least? Would anyone mind sharing their experience with their medical abortion and the pain/symptoms? How bad was it? Was it bearable at least?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you :)

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