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17 April 2012 @ 02:51 am

This morning my boyfriend and I got in a fight. I brought up something I read that an anti choice person wrote on Tumblr about how the man should have a say in abortion. I told my boyfriend that this person is an idiot for writing such garbage. He actually disagreed with me. It really really pissed me off. He had never said this opinion before I had my abortion and I always assumed he felt the same way I did?

Is this a stupid thing for me to be mad about? I know it's kind of a matter of opinion. He tried to argue with me that if a woman chooses to have a kid that the guy doesn't want, he has to pay child support. So for some reason, because of this, a man should have a say in if a woman has an abortion or not.

In my opinion, it is my body this fetus is living off of for 9 months. My body that the fetus will come out of. My choice. Am I in the wrong? 

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electric misfit love machineeyelid on April 17th, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
What does "a say" mean?

The bottom line is that, assuming the man and woman disagree on the abortion, it's either the woman's decision or the man's. Or in other words, you get to decide whether you're having an abortion, or HE gets to decide whether you're having an abortion.

Is it his position that HE should get to make the decision, and YOU should just be required to do whatever he decides?

Because in the end, that's the only thing "a say" can mean.

And obviously, it's medieval and disgusting.

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Adeleadele87 on May 8th, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)