1_inabillion (1_inabillion) wrote in abortioninfo,

am I too old for an abortion?

I'm scheduled for an abortion in the next 2 weeks and would like some support... My situation is less than ideal and you may judge me.

Although I'm 32 and make a decent living, I'm single and the baby's father is someone whom I've only spent a weekend with. We met at the hotel where I happened to be. He was a traveling businessman, came to town for the first time and out of courtesy I offered to show him around. When he told me he was married with a kid, I didn't think anything more could happen as I've never seen myself as a home wrecker. But somehow, we had a strong connection and I went along with it. I just thought it would be a weekend romance and I would never see him again so what harm would it do? We were careful, we used condoms but it was passionate. The whole thing felt surreal but wonderful, it was something so much more than just lust. Then we parted, he went to the airport and I went back to my normal life. We decided that we would not stay in touch.

For weeks I embraced that intense passionate feeling and felt good that there were no consequences. I was wrong. Just a few days ago, I knew it wasn't right that my period was late so I bought the test and found out I was pregnant. How could this happen?? The chance for us to have met was one in a million, and for me to get pregnant by this man with protection is one in a billion.

I knew immediately that I can't have this baby. Not that I don't want to be a mother (I love kids), but I don't think I'm able to be a single mom. I will disgrace my family, and bearing a child by a married stranger is probably one of the worst situations any woman can be in. He is thousands of miles away and is only offering financial support. I'm not strong enough to do this alone and just hope that I will not regret this decision. I'm 32 after all, and I've promised myself that I'm responsible for my choice and can't blame myself if I don't ever have children again. I'm very scared. Please help...
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