Round Two & Moving Day

After the procedure, I asked about having an aftercare appointment and was told it was completely unnecessary. I asked again because it'd be a whole lot safer from my point of view as I'm going to Germany and don't exactly speak a good enough german to ask for treatment if I think something is wrong. Again, I was told it was not needed, that I just should take a pregnancy test in 3 weeks and call back if anything goes wrong. Again, I told them, what will happen then if I call you from Germany to say I tested positive? Don't worry just fly back.

Two days ago (12 days after my 6 weeks abortion) I still tested 3+ weeks on a clearblue digital test, my breasts are still getting bigger and hurting so I called the 24h service line and asked again for an aftercare meeting which they booked for me.

Don't get me wrong, overall, I had a really good experience with Marie Stopes Clinic. I just want to highlight the problem I had here with getting an aftercare appointment. Anyone going for the procedure can supposedly get one, I somehow didn't think it would be this complicated.

The staff was again amazingly nice, I even got to speak some french! They booked me in for tomorrow morning, I'm impressed that they could organise it this quickly. I'll be having the same procedure again, as the pregnancy stopped growing but some products remain. The good thing about this is that at least I managed to get it sorted before moving, at the same clinic the procedure was originally performed.

The other good thing is that when I come back from the procedure, my husband is going to do all the cleaning and luggage carrying! (:
Anyone ever took a flight short after the procedure? Anything I should know? It's a short flight anyway..!

My Early Surgical Abortion Experience

I went in today at 8h50 to ge re-scanned. She could see it clearly this time and dated it 6 weeks.

They took me back to the waiting room where I paid and was then taken downstairs. I was asked to change and then I heard this lady coming out sounding like a zombie and for a split second I was a bit scared. I went in and was greeted by the nurse's very nice smile who explained me how to sit on the table. Then the aneastesist sat down next to me and ask me where I was from as he couldn't find the noise. He asked me if the IV hurt. It didn't really, it's just that I've never been in a hospital. I never had my tonsils or appendix removed, never broke anything and had the first blood test I can remember at 20.

The sedative started kicking in while they were talking to me and I told them; woah, now I'm dizzy! and laughed a bit. Then they started getting really busy with the actual procedure and I just didn't feel a thing until the end. I think the last 30 seconds were a bit painful, like a sudden heavy period cramp. That was it. The nurse asked me if I was alright to put my panties on, and I did. I walked out on my own, another nurse bringing my stuff under my recovery chair.

They brought me a hot pack. The girl who I previously heard speaking like a zombie was next to me and the nurse offered her cookies and tea. I automatically asked the nurse if I could also have a cookie. The whole staff had a laugh. (: A few minutes later they let me have one too, finally.

Within a few minutes the cramps were almost entirely gone and I asked if I could change. I was told to go and try to pass some urine. When I came out I asked if I could remove the IV thingie. The aneastesist was there, grabbed me by the shoulder and asked if I'd have my cookie already. I said yes, and it was good!

They waited a bit more, gave me my antibiotic and aftercare guide, removed the IV thingie and that was that. I walked home and had breakfast! (:

Overall a surprisingly good experience! I don't know what exactly was in my IV (conscious sedation), but I remember everything and recovered really quickly, which was perfect for me.

Psychologically, there was never a doubt and there still isn't. I was relieved and all smile after, still am.

Nearly 2 years on...


I have posted to this community before and always found your answers very helpful. I'm now posting again about another worry I have nearly 2 years AFTER my medical abortion..

I had mine back in April 2009, everything went o.k (well as ok as to be expected), I had no infection etc.

However I started to notice since my abortion, my periods have been rather strange. I'm noticing Skin when I'm on my period (like the skin that was to be expected when bleeding after my medical), my periods are a darker red/brown colour and the thing I'm worrying about the most is that I'm getting slight pains through my vagina. I have noticed this pain for a while, it is almost like shooting pains, when I push down or move in a certain way.

Basically what I'm asking is are these symptoms normal?? Or does it sound like I may have a problem with my womb, as I'm getting the 'skin like' substance when I'm on my period? 

I guess I'm worrying iv ruined my chances of ever being able to conceive again. Can someone please be able to advise me if this is just a normal period and does anyone have any ideas about these shooting pains?

Im not too sure if I'm making my self paranoid, as I cant remember my periods before my abortion....?

Thanks alot guys.

helen. x
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self induced miscarriage, please help

Hello everyone, I'm newbie here.

My period is 1 week late and the previous month period was so short (only 2 days usually 4 days)
I suffered early pregnancy symptoms so I took home pregnancy test,
and the result was positive (faint pink line).
This is my first pregnancy.

I and my long term partner never want to get married and have a child.
We usually have sex carefully,*t happened.

Unfortunately, in my country, abortion is ILLEGAL.
There are illegal abortion clinics here, but since they're illegal,
There's always a chance of medical malpractice
and I do not know where those clinics located.

So I took herbal abortion method from here
I started bleeding on the 1st day until today.
The bleeding is different with my usual menstruation, the blood is darker and smellier.

The questions are:
How can I know that the tissue already completely gone?
The abortion successful? That I'm not pregnant anymore without USG?
Is there any other DIY method to do abortion?

Thank you in advance.

(no subject)

i had an abortion because i felt like it was the right thing for me at the time.  i was impregnated by my boyfriend of two years who is 26 years old. he had stopped going to all my doctors appointments and i have no mom or dad to talk to and I did not want  to tell my grandmother. i was sick and lost 15 pounds in a matter of a few weeks. i felt like death.

my boyfriend was so excited. i was to... at first.

when he quit talking about my pregnancy and our future, i freaked. we had no jobs and i had no support at all. his mom is a total bitch and I couldn't talk to her about what was normal during pregnancy and my mom is dead.

i had my dad's fiancee take me to the clinic. i was mortified. there was tons of girls i there just waiting for the procedure to be done, they were talking and laughing some had been more than once.

i had my surgical procedure done at 14 weeks. it hurt like a bitch. but i knew there would be no way of supporting my child.

however, i am experiencing guilt now. and I'm wanting to get pregnant again is this wrong? i would never abort again. i freaked. my boyfriend wasn't there for me, hell no one was. but sometimes i wish to be pregnant again and do it all by myself.

ugh. i lied to my boyfriend and told him i wanted it when i didn't. he seemed relieved after i told him i had the abortion. what is wrong with me now? why do i want a baby?
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Is this normal?

I just had my abortion 2 days ago. I was spotting what appeared to be that brownish old period blood. Now, I'm bleeding red, more like a regular period. Is this normal? I'm assuming it is normal but just need some reassurance....Thanks!
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New here and scared....

I have to say i'm glad this community exists. I just found out i'm pregnant 2 days ago. The day I found out I was pregnant, my male friend and I scheduled the appointment for my surgical abortion. I've always said if I ever got pregnant, I'd have an abortion. And right now, it's the best choice for me. I've never wanted kids and still don't.

I'm thinking that by the time I have the procedure done (in 3 days), I'll be 5-6 weeks pregnant. The timing would be right based on when i had my last period and the condom fell off.

I'm soooooo scared. I'm scared of the pain and what it will be like in the hours immediately after the abortion. I told them over the phone i want twilight sedation. I'm taking as much sedation medication as is possible. I'm a big baby when it comes to pain. Anything more than bad menstrual cramps will probably be killer for me. And, I need to hide Collapse )

getting worried?

 pardon for all the posting...but i love this community and i know i can get some answers here. So I had my surgical on 3/26, i was just 5 weeks. The doctor gave me the nuvaring to use as bc until i could get my IUD. well hormones do awful things to me and i could only do a day with the ring. so bf and i decided to use condoms until i can get the IUD "installed" which should be next week.

anyway, we have had sex maybe 4 times since and have always worn a condom, no rips, tears, breaking, or random falling off so thats good. but here it is 2 weeks exactly and i woke up feeling dizzy- thats gone now but a bit on the nauseous side. bf did just get over a nasty case of the stomach flu about a week ago so i could be coming down with something. but i am really paranoid. is it too soon to get preggers? even though we have been extra careful? any insight would be awesome 

My Surgical

 I had my surgical abortion yesterday...and IT HURT!!! like a mother >< I originally wanted to get the IV meds but the doc talked me out of them saying that the recovery time was longer....we had driven 30 mins to get there and with traffic going home it would be about an hour. So I went for the oral pain meds.....crap crap and more crap. I told them vicodin doesnt do much for me but they assured me I would be fine. So I took the vicodin, the antivan, an anti nausea med, and 4 Ibuprofen. It didnt do a damn thing. I was sooo nervous!

So I get into the room and strip down I had my boyfriend, the advocate- who was great, and another nice girl who was going to be in the call center and wanted to observe. The dilation hurt!  Apparently I had a very small very tight cervix and she even had to go to smaller dilators. The whole procedure was quick but SOOOO painful! I think I managed to scar both myself and my poor boyfriend. I found out later that he got props from the advocate and that he did everything perfectly. In conclusion, the meds did nothing so I think I now know how it feels with nothing....and ugh!!
The doctor also had to do anther ultra sound because she didnt get much tissue and didnt want to worry about me, she said it looked empty and good but that the follow up was needed just to be sure.

I got home and had passed one dime sized clot of greyish tissue and since no bleeding at all. Is this normal? Ive read that it can be, but now I'm wondering if they were actually able to get it all....I dont want to have to go through that again....
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Surgical Abortion

 After much discussion and boyfriend has a huge deadline coming up for work and has the stomach flu, poor thing....we have decided to seek an abortion. I made the appointment for tomorrow morning. I'm only about 5 weeks along so its very early. I was wondering if it would be better to be completely out even though I hate going under or if I should tell them I would rather just be heavily sedated but awake. I am so nervous about this whole thing.